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The following topics are included for you to use in the classroom with your students. They include a short video clip, with questions that follow that can be used as classroom discussion questions or writing prompts. You may also choose to use the resources here on an individualized basis Ė if you have specific concerns for a particular student.

Part of Their Family?

Willie Stokes, BASTA counselor and former gang member

In this video, Willie, a former gang member, shares how gangs recruit young people. How did Willie get recruited into the gang? What strategies do older gang members use to recruit younger youth? How are the younger gang-involved youth used by older gang members?

Drop Out Vs. Fade Out

Willie Stokes, BASTA counselor and former gang member

Often times, gang-involved youth want to get out of the gang but donít know how. Why does Willie suggest that gang-involved youth fade out and donít drop out? What is the difference? What are ways that youth can fade out and get involved in other, more positive things?

A World Without Gangs

Willie Stokes, BASTA counselor and former gang member

Do you think todayís youth feel pressured to grow up faster than other generations? How so? In what ways? Can kids still be kids today? How and how not? How are todayís youth forced to make decisions that can be life and death.

What would our world be like without gangs? What would our neighborhoods, schools, families be like? What can youth do to move towards that better world? What can our schools, neighborhoods and greater communities do?

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