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Drawing by 3rd grader of gang shooting

This drawing, by a 3rd grader in Santa Cruz, depicts a drive-by shooting.

This BASTA website is a resource for parents and teachers to help identify early signs of gang involvement so that we can intervene and hopefully prevent further escalation of gang activity.

The resources in this website are specific to Santa Cruz County and include basic gang identification including signs, symbols, clothing, tagging, tattoos and hand signs. There are videos featuring local experts and youth regarding Why Youth Join Gangs, Signs of Gang Involvement, and Levels of Involvement. There are also resources specific to parents and educators. We encourage you to explore the website in its entirety.

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How Can Staff Talk to Parents About Potential Gang Involvement?

More Educator to Educator videos

Classroom Topics/Prompts

The following topics are included for you to use in the classroom with your students. They include a short video clip, with questions that follow that can be used as classroom discussion questions or writing prompts. You may also choose to use the resources here on an individualized basis if you have specific concerns for a particular student.

Why Do Youth Join Gangs:

What do you think are the biggest reasons why youth are drawn to gangs? Why do you think youth join gangs?

What do you think parents can do to help their kids stay out of gangs?

What can our greater community (schools, neighborhoods, youth organizations, city government) do to help youth stay out of gangs?

Think of youth that you know, perhaps yourself, that despite neighborhood, family or other influences, have managed to not get caught up in gangs. How do you think they have stayed out of it while others have not?

Dangers of Dressing the Part

Willie Stokes, BASTA counselor and former gang member

A lot of youth say, I'm not a gang member, I just hang out with them or I like the way they dress. Do you think a rival gang member is going to take the time to find out if a young person is really involved?

How does dressing like a gang member put youth at risk?

What are the dangers of just hanging out with gang members?

Who Are You Living For?

Willie Stokes, BASTA counselor and former gang member

What do you think your parents want most for you?

Do you think your parents have made sacrifices for you? If so, how?

Do you ever feel like you have let your parents down? If so, in what ways?

In what ways have you put your friends before your family?

What are some things that you can do today to make your parents proud?

More topics/prompts

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