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What is a Gang?

The California Penal Code 186.22 defines a criminal street gang as:
"Any organization, association, or group of 3 or more persons, whether formal or informal, that commits one or more criminal acts listed in 186.22 PC as one of it primary activities; and uses a common name or common identifying sign or symbol; and whose members individually or collectively engage in or have engaged in a pattern of criminal gang activity."

Sureños: an Overview

Sureno 13Southpole blue hoodie

In North County (Santa Cruz) Sureños out-number the Norteños. In South County (Watsonville) it is the opposite- the Norteño gang members out-number the Sureños.

NK symbolWatsonville Sureno tag

Signs, Symbols and Terms

Padres cap sureno tattoosureno tagging
sureno paraphernalia


Santa Cruz Sureños

la cap watsonville sureno tattoo
poor side tattoo

Watsonville Sureños

sureno group photo

sureno sneakerscharlie brown

Derogatory Terms Used Against Sureños

kc cap

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Norteños: an Overview

Watsonville Norteno tattoo

Watsonville Norteno gang clothes

In South County (Watsonville) the Norteño gang members out-number the Sureños. In North County (Santa Cruz) it is the reverse—Sureños out-number the Norteños.


Signs, Symbols and Terms

Good Times, Bad Times Northside tattoo

la huelga birdla huelga bird

Santa Cruz Norteños

Santa Cruz WestsidersSanta Cruz Westsiders Santa Cruz Norteno TagSanta Cruz Norteno Hand Tattoo

Watsonville Norteños

Watsonville gang taggingWatsonville Norteno gang clothes Watsonville norteno gang paraphernaliaWatsonville Norteno gang cap

Derogatory Terms Used Against Norteños

Watsonville Norteno sneaker

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