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Santa Cruz County ranks 10th in youth homicide rates for the state of California.

Since 2011 there have been a total of 13 youth killed in Santa Cruz County.

Many communities have successfully developed and implemented comprehensive strategic youth violence prevention plans that are inclusive of a broad range of stakeholders and take a balanced approach to addressing the root causes of violence. View the five strategies of the Comprehensive Gang Model (from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention).

The average age of a gang member is between 12-21 but can be even younger.

Drawing by 3rd grader of gang shooting

This drawing, by a 3rd grader in Santa Cruz, depicts a drive-by shooting.

Many youth in Santa Cruz county are raised in families where there is inter-generational gang activity. Often it is an older brother, cousin, uncle, parent or even grandparent.

father, child, gang signthree young boys in bandanas

Girls make up 10% of California’s total gang population but many more are sisters, friends and girlfriends of gang members. They are often used to pass messages, hide weapons, and sell or store drugs.

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